Born in 1999, The Original Muck Boot Company entered the scene producing some of the warmest, most comfortable waterproof boots in the country. Now, with over 60 styles in the line-up, Muck Boots continue to exceed the expectations of farmers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. One such style is the Pursuit Shadow Mid. This lace-up lightweight is perfect for the hunter looking for a more snug fit as well as scent control.

When I picked up the box from Muck Boots, my initial impression was that a mistake must have been made in the shipping department. As a soldier, I’ve lifted my fair share of size 11 boots in my life. And there is no way that there are two boots in this box at my doorstep. The Pursuit Shadow Mid is undoubtedly lighter than expected for a waterproof boot measuring 10″ in height. And tipping the scales at only 4lbs paid huge dividends while hoofing it through the woods of Northern MI.

Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Mid | Review
Right at home with a Siberian Husky

While skimming the Muck Boots website, I was skeptical of their classic slip-on designs. I doubted their security while treking any distance with a load on my back. Fortunately, Muck Boots designed the Pursuit Shadow Mid to be a hiker from the ground up. First off, the Pursuit Shadow Mid incorporates a sturdy lacing system to help secure the boot to your foot and calf. Additionally, Rubber and EVA 3D Print are strategically located on the boot to add stability to the design. Finally, a RealTree Xtra camo pattern along with Inscentable® Scent Masking guarantees to not compromise your position while on the hunt. But it’s the sum of its features that make this a great choice for hunters.

Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Mid | Review
Rubber and EVA 3D Print for support

Designed to keep your digits warm in temperatures down to -20F, the Pursuit Shadow Mid remains comfortable all the way up to 50F. A broad temperature range for most hunting seasons. Using 5mm of Neoprene with Fleece Lining and a full waterproof gusset, these boots are both warm and quiet. And sound dampening is an asset not found in many waterproof boots today. Think of those squeaky rubber boots your Mom used to put on your feet. Not these bad boys! Soft in texture, the exterior of the Pursuit Shadow Mid is very ninja-like while on the move.

Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Mid | Review
Sturdy lace system

Having grown up in more metropolitan locations than rural, my initial reluctance to own a pair of Muck Boots was possibly misguided. No offense intended, but I always viewed their owners as somewhat “agricultural”. Not that I’m a city-slicker, but I preferred not looking like I had just bailed hay or shoveled shit. Well, a real man can not only admit his mistakes, but own a pair of Muck Boots as well. In fact, my wife Brandie even sports a pair of Girls with Guns Muck Boots. So stay tuned for her review.

Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Mid | Review
Happy feet

Pursuit Shadow Mid Specs courtesy of

  • Insulation: 5mm of Neoprene with Fleece Lining and a full waterproof gusset 
  • Upper: Spandora® with Inscentable® Scent Masking, Rubber and EVA 3D Print for support
  • Camouflage: REALTREE XTRA®
  • Insole: etc® Socklinger with Agion® Antimicrobial Treatment
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Outsole: Rubber Pod 
  • Height: 10” 
  • Weight: 4lbs
  • MSRP: $219.99

Final thoughts: Warm and cozy describe these boots to a “T”. Having the pleasure to test the Pursuit Shadow Mid for the past few weeks has been enjoyable. My feet remain warm and dry in the bitter temperatures this winter. Although the sole provides ample grip on most surfaces, the shallow tread pattern tends to slip a little in deep snowy conditions. Finally, the 550 cord laces, although heavy duty, could be quite a bit shorter. After lacing the boots, I’m left with enough lace to wrap around my calf and tie. In all honesty, it’s better to be long than short.

Muck Boots Pursuit Shadow Mid | Review
Tread pattern


Like all Muck Boots, the Pursuit Shadow Mid is 100% guaranteed to be waterproof. With over 120″ of snow beginning to melt and warmer temperatures in the future, that guarantee will be much appreciated. Take a look at the Muck Boots website and find a pair of these durable boots that fit your needs…your feet will appreciate it.