The Muul RuckBucket is truly one of the more unique and versatile packs I’ve ever owned. It is a combination of a backpack and cooler, but with a core feature that sets it apart from similar products — a 5-gallon bucket inside. This provides added durability and protection for the contents of the pack. Contents are crushproof, waterproofed, and insulated. This pack is incredibly durable.

As Muul asks on their site, “When is the last time you broke a bucket?” Never.

When matching the price of the RuckBucket to other backpack coolers, you’re going to save a lot of money. At $149.95 to $179.95 depending on the model you select, this pack is hundreds of dollars less than similar products in the market. Colors are available in black, tan, blue, and orange.

The pack features Molle webbing for the addition of accessories, including the Muul .5-gallon side pouch and water bottle holder. It features a padded lid that duals as a comfortable seat, a zippered pouch on the front, and the back-side of the pack is vented to prevent sweating from friction when trekking. The chest harness features a buckle, and the straps also feature vented materials to assist with sweat reduction. This pack is incredibly comfortable and lightweight in spite of its rigid-core.

The rectangular bucket can be left in or removed from the pack to perform tasks such as hauling water or firewood at a campsite, holding fish, or anything else you may need to transport. This all-in-one design has more uses than I can even imagine — every day carry, camping, picnicking, fishing, survival, to name a few.

Muul RuckBucket: Five gallons of fully loaded freedom

The Fully Loaded model includes the following:

  • 1- RuckBucket Backpack
  • 1- Summer-Rated Beverage Cooler Insert
  • 1- 0.5gal Side Pouch
  • 1- Water Bottle Holder

For more information on this product, be sure to check out the Muul site for options and additional pricing.