I’m sure most of you on our site have seen the movie John Wick or at least have knowledge of it. During the second installment, John Wick goes ‘shopping’ where he walks into a business, slides a gold coin across the table and is taken back behind closed doors to select his tools. Have you seen the older movie ‘The Professional‘, where an ‘assassin for hire’ carries the tools of his trade in a toolbox? Being a fan of John Wick, James Bond and The Professional, I wanted to do something cool with the gear I personally have.

After some thought and looking around, I decided on repurposing my 18-year-old Craftsman toolbox into a different toolbox of sorts. I removed the smaller red shelf from the top section and inserted some foam, which I cut out to fit both my Glock 17 and Glock 26 along with 2 spare magazines each. Moving down into the first drawer, I have a few of my most used blades as well as two of my favorite timepieces from Resco Instruments and NFW.

I’m still finalizing the layout of the drawers and am waiting on a custom molded foam piece for the top section.

*Photo courtesy of the author