My EDC used to be heavier than it is now, but I’ve learned to ‘cut the fat’ through training, practice, and education. My EDC is a pretty basic setup compared to most, but that is because I prefer simple which leads to being habitual with carrying it. Every morning I walk down the steps, into my office and take my EDC items from my EDC tray and it all goes into my pockets.

In my front left pocket in my Streamlight Protac 1AAA handheld flashlight. In my front right pocket, I keep my folding utility knife, which could be used for self-defense if it came down to it and my Chums minimalist wallet. In my back, left pocket is my SWAT-T Tourniquet. The subject of tourniquets can become somewhat of a debate depending on who you talk to. The SWAT-T works for me and has proven to be the best low-vis type tourniquet for me. I’ve trained with it and am comfortable with using it. I also wear a bad-ass watch from either Resco Instruments or NFW watch company which levels up your whole EDC.