At GORUCK, I am a “jack of all trades”. My day consists of jumping from working on partnerships, building out emails, creating product pages to taking photos. That being the case, I need to have numerous tools at my disposal to get the job done. The load out below is my EDC for not only my workday, but traveling (plus a 32L Kit Bag) and going out to shadow events. My ruck can basically become my mobile workstation no matter where I am.

First off, I bring my Ranger Green GR1 to work with me everyday. It is basically required. If you bring anything other than a GORUCK ruck, whoa. I also have a GR1 Field Pocket where I store my extra DSLR lenses. I didn’t want to undo the MOLLE, so in the ruck she stays.

Thanks to our “bomb proof” laptop compartment, I can safely transport my MacBook to work with me every day. Yeah, I am an Apple fanboy. So sue me.

My GR1 and My EDC

Now we get to the fun stuff.

Some of the gear pictured above is considered a “unicorn” by some, meaning we no longer manufacture it, sorry. I have a *discontinued* GORUCK CORDURA folder with a St. Paddy’s Day patch on it (do a St. Paddy’s Day event if you can by the way). In here, I keep my random papers and print-outs ranging from super TOP SECRET agreements to menus from favorite restaurants.

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