The deer rut is synonymous with freezing weather, when the biggest limiting factor for some hunters is staying warm to remain in the field all day. Heated blinds are ideal for dealing with Mother Nature, but many are obtrusive in contrast to their surroundings.

The Nature Blind Hero provides all the advantages a hunter needs to be successful. Not only are these self-contained blinds warm and dry, but they blend like a chameleon into their surroundings.
The Hero is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to hunters but is simply part of the neighborhood for local deer. The Hero looks like a weathered old tree trunk and will even fool other hunters. It isn’t uncommon for hunting buddies to open and check out the blind in detail to see if it is real wood or a perfect replica.
The Hero is fully insulated and has a carpeted floor. Fully locking doors secures your secret blind, if anyone could find it in the first place.
Nature Blinds specializes in designing and manufacturing realistic, insulated, strong, lightweight, superior quality products, and pride themselves on doing it right here in America.
When hunters design specialty items for hunters the result is well thought out products that not only work but give the user an advantage to be successful. A perfect example of Nature Blinds’ forward thinking and design is the Stalking Shield.
Hunting out of a blind is not for everyone, and those who like to be on the ground, eye-to-eye with their quarry, thrive on spot-and-stalk, or still-hunting techniques. The problem with sneaking in close is getting caught flat-footed before a shot opportunity arises.
The Stalking Shield is made to look like a tree trunk, just like the Hero, but is portable, allowing you to stay on the move. With the shield in front, you always look like your surroundings. If a deer lifts its head, it doesn’t spot the hunter or glare of a rifle, it sees natural surroundings, remaining unaware the hunter is one with his shield.
The Stalking Shield weighs just 8 pounds, allowing you to keep it in front of you while you stealthily slip close to game. To put it in perspective, a 4-quart jug of milk weighs the same.
Legendary whitetail hunter, journalist, television host, and biologist, Larry Weishuhn endorses the Stalking Shield as part of his Signature Series.
The Hero and Stalking Shield are made of lightweight, durable material to ensure your blind or shield remain your best hunting tools for years to come.
Product Features:
MSRP $3,995.00
  • Exterior Height87″
  • Exterior Diameter84″
  • Interior Height84″
  • Interior Diameter64x60″
  • Weight350 lbs
Stalking Shield
MSRP $199.99
  • Width26″
  • Height44″
  • Weight8 lbs
Whether you prefer to sit in a blind or spot-and-stalk your favorite game, Nature Blinds has the comforts and cover to make you more successful.
Nature Blind: Creating innovative replicas of nature
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Nature Blinds makes ultra-realistic HD hunting blinds, sheds, water tanks and wild game feeders from its location in Kerrville, Texas. Their unique manufacturing approach combines stunning artistic designs, state-of-the-art materials and processes, old-fashioned American Craftsmanship and Christian values.
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