Whether you are camping, hiking or using it for personal defense, the flashlight, like many other things, becomes a personal preference. Not everyone wants to or can spend the big dollars on upper echelon flashlights like Surefire or Steamlight. The need for a durable and bright yet less expensive alternative is out there. Enter the Nebo Redline Select.

Nebo Redline Select

I was one of those who didn’t want to break the bank on something like a flashlight. So when I saw the Nebo Redline Select at a hardware store, I couldn’t pass it up. And it has been part of my flight bag loadout for the past three years. Producing 310 lumens, it’s plenty bright enough to light up my helicopter for pre/post flight. And the 4x adjustable beam will easily light up the LZ. I don’t need to light up a city block or blind some thug, I just need good bright light. And the Nebo Redline Select fills that need.

With two different models of the Select line to choose from, the choice simple, flat black or titanium. As far as features go, the smart select dial and the magnetic base are the ones that I use the most. The user can manually change the mode while the light is on or off. Ranging in power from 10%, 50%, and 100%, along with a strobe and SOS feature. No more thumb pressing to find the right setting. I keep mine at 50%, a fair compromise between brightness and battery life. Additionally, the magnetic base is a convenient feature not found on competitors models. Just put the base on something metallic and boom, you are now hands free to move about the cabin.

Nebo Redline Select
Rear-positioned, glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF button

NEBO Redline Select Specs Courtesy of nebotools.com

  • High: 2950 LUX – 2 Hours / 198 Meters
  • Medium: 1230 LUX – 5 Hours / 96 Meters
  • Low: 305 LUX – 12 Hours / 37 Meters
  • S.O.S.: 1100 LUX – 60 Hours / 198 Meters
  • Strobe: 1100 LUX – 60 Hours / 198 Meters
  • Length: 5″
  • Diameter: 1” (Barrel)  1.5” (Head)
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs.
  • Power: 3 AAA Batteries
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; 
  • water and impact-resistant
  • Convex lens
  • Smart Select Dial
  • Tactical edge
  • 4x adjustable beam
  • Steel belt/pocket clip
  • Magnetic base
  • Battery indicator – button glows red when battery life reaches 20%
  • MSRP $49.99

About the author: Jon Nowaczyk Served in 101st Airborne Division, as a Chinook Pilot in Command with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Central America. A licensed commercial instrument pilot, avid golfer he enjoys camping, boating, hunting, motorcycles, and traveling. A military brat himself, he grew up all over the world from Japan to Germany and Alaska. After his military career, he settled down in Michigan with his wife and 4 kids and continues to fly as an EMS Pilot.