Editor’s Note: We were contacted by a representative of Battle Rifle Company with regard to a recent project they had undertaken for a police agency local to them.  The project involved rebuilding the agency’s rifles rather than the agency buying new to replace “worn out” equipment.  The contact we received was a question as to whether or not such an approach might be of interest to other agencies.  Our surprise was that while such services are certainly available, we had no knowledge of such from a major manufacturer.  Rather than trying to do an interview and report on the process and value, we asked Chris Kurzadkowski, the owner of Battle Rifle Company (the company that did the project) to write up his experience.  That is what follows.

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Cost Effective upgrades for Law Enforcement

In these times, it seems like everyone’s departmental budget is stretched to capacity. It’s hard to figure out what needs to be done, what needs to be budgeted, what we have to buy this minute and what we end up losing out on because we had to make other choices.  On the subject of rifles, there is a lot to figure out- whether to trade in, to buy new, to service and maintain.  Here is one option that might be the best cost effective solution for you in the long run- a factory upgrade.

Case Study –A local Police Dept

We had the great privilege of working with one of our local Texas Police Departments over the last couple of years.  The Chief was very familiar with our company and came to us with a problem. The Chief had inherited a quantity of rifles that were outdated and had not been serviced in some time.  Budgetary restraints were at an all time high.  The Departments manpower was growing with the growth of the city, but money from new tax revenues typically does not cycle into use for 18 to 24 months. About the only thing to use was Search and Seizure monies cumulated over the last couple of years for the project, but that was not a lot, so they needed to be frugal with the money and get more bang for the buck.

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