*Photos courtesy of Logan Winters

The Cloudview Hammock is by far the best lounging hammock for your backyard or family car camping trip. Setup is much easier and quicker than those cumbersome hammocks with wooden or metal frames. Once you have the spreader bars installed on each side and get the hammock hung between two trees, the tension adjustment is the simplest systems I’ve seen on a hammock.

Once everything is secured and adjusted, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re relaxing with a group of family and friends or just enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, the Cloudview Hammock is the way to go. Due to the unique design, you can lay in the hammock at almost the perfect angle to enjoy a cold drink or talk with those around you without looking like a big burrito.

Unlike standard hammocks that envelope you tightly in fabric so you can’t spread out or see your surroundings, Cloudview™ is designed with your comfort in mind. Unique Layflat™ patterning keeps your head comfortably elevated and allows you to participate in conversation. Spreader bars keep you in a beach chair posture, rather than claustrophobically squished. An integrated no-spill cupholder and tablet/book pocket ensure the good times are close-at-hand.

The Cloudview™ is constructed of weather- and mildew-resistant monofilament mesh, meaning your hammock can be hung outside all season. NEMO-engineered hardware keeps the frame secure. The stainless steel Super Grommet™ connects the spreader bars to the hammock, and the Super Ladder™ is infinitely adjustable, helping you find the exact hanging position you want. – Nemo Website

Spring is here and hopefully, Summer is not too far behind. Head on over to Nemo to get your Cloudview Hammock today, so you’re ready to enjoy the warm weather.