Nemo Equipment offers a complete line of well-built outdoor equipment for the adventurous customer. Always pushing the limits in both quality and durability, Nemo Equipment has been a constant in my camping loadout for years. If you’re like me and are conscious of every ounce you put into your pack, take a look at the Spike 2P from Nemo Equipment. This ultralight 2 person shelter is a great option for hunters and outdoorsmen. The Spike 2P provides a quick shelter should you ever find yourself caught out in the elements..

Nemo Spike 2P Ultralight Tent | Review
Trekking poles supporting the shelter

Minimizing the amount of space and weight required, the Spike 2P utilizes a pair of trekking poles (not included) for support rather than tent poles. Allowing the packaged shelter to weigh only 1 lb 10 oz. and measure 11″x6″. This compact shelter provides a cozy 41 square feet of floor space which is big enough for a pair of adults. Speaking of floor…there isn’t one. To maintain its low weight and packed volume, the Spike 2P only has a foot box so choose your pitching location carefully. Additionally, the trekking poles used for support criss-cross on the interior making it slightly awkward to get in and out. A small price to pay for such a compact shelter.

Nemo Spike 2P Ultralight Tent | Review

With several anchor points at the bottom of the shelter as well as additional guy out points on the sides, I’m confident that the Spike 2P can withstand most of what Mother Nature can dish out. Constructed using 30D Nylon Ripstop material, the Spike 2P kept me dry on my initial overnight using this shelter. Although the weather forecast wasn’t calling for any rain, a pop up thunder-storm rolled through in the early morning hours. Pearched on a small wooded hilltop, the Spike 2P shed the downpour like a champ and remained dry inside. Staying off the ground with my Nemo Tensor Field sleeping pad helped maintain dryness and comfort throughout the night. Stay tuned for a review of the sleepinge pad.

Setting up the Spike 2P took some practice as the trekking poles needed for support don’t really stay put while staking the tent down. Having a second set of hands would make set-up much easier. But it’s still doable while traveling solo. Pocket sleeves sewn into the ceiling of the shelter allow you to secure the handle of the trekking poles to the tent. But with no floor or anchor points to secure the bottom of the trekking poles, you rely on the penetration of the pole into the ground for support. Keeping the foot box of the shelter supported, a small stick fits between 2 nylon loops sewn into the exterior. Interior mesh vents, located in the peak of the shelter, assist in ventilation and air exchange. Finally, 2 small pockets hang from the ceiling providing a place to secure valuables, a watch or lighting.

Nemo Spike 2P Ultralight Tent | Review
Stick supporting the foot box

Spike 2P specifications courtesy of

  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Minimum weight: 1 lb 10 oz / 730 g
  • Floor Dimensions: 107 x 64 in / 273 x 163 cm
  • Floor Area: 41 sq ft / 3.8 sq m
  • Vestibule Area: 10 sq ft / 0.9 ft m
  • Interior Height: 47 in / 119 cm
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Frame Description: 2 Trekking Poles (not included)
  • Packed Size: 11 x 6 in dia / 28 x 15 cm dia
  • Shell Fabric: 30D Sil/Sil Nylon Ripstop (1500 mm)
  • Vestibule Fabric: 30D Sil/Sil Nylon Ripstop (1500 mm)
  • Color: Stalker
  • MSRP $299.95
Nemo Spike 2P Ultralight Tent | Review
Compact and lightweight

Final thoughts: The Spike 2P is a well designed lightweight shelter. Perfect for someone who isn’t necessarily on a camping trip but may need a compact shelter in the event of unexpected wether or an unplanned overnight. This minimalist shelter provides a reprieve from the elements should they arise. Without a traditional tent floor, some type of sleeping pad is a must. And be sure to bring bug spray because there is a no way to keep the mosquitos out. The size and weight of the Spike 2P as well as the subdued olive green color are 2 features I like most. However, the Spike 2P has 12 anchor points sewn into the bottom of the shelter. With an additional 4 guy-out points on the sides and 2 on the foot. Yet only 8 aluminum stakes are included. So be sure to pick up a few more to really secure this shelter properly.

Items seen in photos: Nemo Tensor Field Sleeping Pad, Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 backpack, Nemo Nocturne 30 Sleeping Bag.