The NeoMag is a handy little device. With it, you’re able to discreetly carry an extra magazine, while ensuring it stays vertical and properly oriented in your pocket.  Not long ago I did an initial impressions article, but wanted to follow up after carrying this with me every day and getting some good range time in as well.  The testing and evaluation period is complete, so here’s my final take on the subject.

The NeoMag is now an integral part of my daily carry.  If I’m carrying a gun, I’m carrying a spare mag in the NeoMag.  This is an excellent little piece of gear. In my opinion, this is the best option available for carrying a spare mag in a manner that is both accessible and concealed.  That isn’t to say this is a totally perfect option, but that’s through no failing of the product, just a real world statement that you can’t have it all.   Check the video below then I’ll discuss what I mean exactly.

So, this wan’t my fastest draw-shoot-reload-shoot drill of the day, nor was it my slowest.  It does however show the problem here.  Going from gross motor skills (PEW PEW) to fine motor skills (sliding two fingers into my pocket, grabbing the spare mag) back to gross skills (rack the gun, more PEW PEW) is a tough transition.  You can see in the above video there’s a little hitch getting the mag out, not much just a noticeable hiccup.  Again, the NeoMag didn’t fail me, it just demonstrates that if something is concealed, it is by nature less accessible.  How do you overcome this?

More practice of course.  After a full day at the range I noticed the reloads were much more consistent when I ensured the NeoMag was centered in my pocket, giving me easy room on either side for my rotund booger hooks.  Don’t think I was “gaming” the drill, the NeoMag will stay in place where you left it.  This is just another small thing to check during your day of CCW, much like how every CCW citizen I know makes a subtle check of their handgun through the day to prevent printing and to make sure their holster is still in just the right spot.

So, if you’re looking for a way to hold your spare mag in a way that balances concealability with accessibility, the NeoMag is the best product I’ve seen to do so.  I’ve not had one issue with it keeping my mag oriented, available and discreet.  Nearly all models of the NeoMag run $44.99, I’d say it is well worth it.