With the alarming rise in number of terrorist attacks on US soil, I have recently delved more deeply into the realm of Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW). As a Law Enforcement Officer the fancy official term is Off-Duty Carry. On-Duty I wear around a weighty Bat-belt all day, which obviously isn’t practical in the CCW world. I was looking for an innovative solution to carrying extra ammo in a more concealable manner. At a minimum I wanted to carry at least one spare magazine on my person. While scouring the inter-webs I came across a curious invention, the NeoMag. I spent a lot of time over the past month with the nifty little magazine holder. I have pretty much developed a full-blown love affair with this slick little steel apparatus of sweetness.

The NeoMag is an American made, CNC machined steel piece of American craftsmanship. There is a neodymium rare earth magnet that secures the magazine to the clip. The clip sits in the pocket and resembles the clip of knife, while the magazine sits concealed below the pocket lip.  Reloading from here is a breeze and beats fumbling around in the pocket for a reload.

The NeoMag comes in three sizes depending on your choice of ammo. I carry 40 S&W and 9mm, so I ordered a Medium. The NeoMag fit all the 40 and 9mm magazines that I could find with ease. I tried to put a 45 magazine in the medium, but the NeoMag was too small. If you go off of the sizing chart there should not be an issue.

NeoMag Review


NeoMag Review
The NeoMag in action.

I tested the NeoMag out extensively over several range days. The NeoMag performed smoothly. It even lasted through what seemed like forever and a day of Rifle Elevator drills without shifting or becoming dislodged. If you are unfamiliar with an elevator drill I will describe the torture to you. Everyone should be familiar with the three standard shooting positions – Standing, Kneeling and Prone. At our flat range we have barricades with shapes cut into them, these shapes correspond with the three primary positions, given a little bit of a circus contortionist flare. The primary instructor calls out a shape, and the shooter moves with a quickness to each position and engages the target downrange. It can be a smoker. I like to think of this drill as Range Burpees. Ceramic Plates and Full Kit add a nice little whipped cream and cherry topper to the drills. The NeoMag held my magazine secure through it all.

I was also an assistant instructor at two Concealed Carry courses and passed the NeoMag around for the shooters to test. All of the comments were positive. Insert TV Infomercial voice, “We tested front pockets, back pockets, crazy left handers, blue jeans, tactical cargo pants, BDUs…the NeoMag does it all.”

A wonderful benefit of carrying the NeoMag in your pocket is that it sits low.  Why is low better?  Now you don’t have to clear garments during your reload.  Clearing clothing is arguably going to present the biggest issue when drawing anything from the belt.  Good training can overcome anything; but any good soldier can tell you Murphy is only a stones throw away; lurking, waiting to completely throw a wrench into that good training.  Reloads from the NeoMag avoid all of the snags commonly associated with a Garment Malfunction.

I did have one concern about the NeoMag: that aftermarket Glock magazines would not work. (These magazines are all polymer, so there is nothing for the magnet to lock on too.) This concern is  addressed on the FAQ on their website. One solution for this is to use steel jacketed rounds instead of brass, but I don’t have a polymer mag or steel rounds so this is a theory I could not test. If you have the original Glock mags with the steel liner, then there is no issue. These I was able to test.

I have to say that I am partial to T-Rex Arms and picked up my NeoMag from them. It has a sweet T-Rex engraved on the side.

NeoMag Review
T-Rex Arms NeoMag snuggling with some 40 S&W

If going to the source is more your style, you can pick yours up on the NeoMag website. I don’t think you will regret the purchase. It is a really nice little piece of Concealed Carry Kit.

featured image courtesy of theneomag.com