The KnifeNews SHOT Show 2017 NewsFeed, brought to you by, kicks off Tuesday at 2:30 PM EST. We’ll be bringing you live coverage as knife companies gather in Las Vegas to unveil their new for 2017 models. Many have already arrived on the Strip to begin setting up. There will be over 50 knife brands exhibiting hundreds of new knives and each one hopes to book big orders with the retailers attending the biggest production knife show of the year. Here are some of the brands to pay special attention to:

Zero Tolerance and Kershaw
KAI-USA Ltd. provided KnifeNews readers with an exclusive teaser yesterday, but the company has yet to unveil the Zero Tolerance and Kershaw 2017 catalogs. Last year Kershaw debuted over 20 new knives in a wide variety of styles. What do they have planned this year? Anthony Sculimbrene of Everyday Commentary, who has information on at least one of their new knives, tweeted that “It contains maybe the greatest knife ever made. Mark my words—pure awesome.” It’s hard not to get excited by an endorsement like that.

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