The Loadout Room team is back from SHOT Show and mostly recovered. Looking forward to some new partnerships and new products showing up on our site. Once the dust settles from all the vendors getting back into the swing of things, we’ll be getting a steady flow of new products to show you guys and gals. One of the new companies we stopped to chat with was AMEND2. AMEND2 is quickly gaining traction as being the toughest AR-15 magazine on the market. Well, we’ll be getting some of their AR-15 mags and Glocks mags to put to the test. Stay tuned. We also met with 5.11 Tactical, Magpul, ASP, Streamlight and numerous other firearms companies to include Heckler & Koch.

Upon my return home I was greeted with a box from the Crate Club. Inside the box were a few products that will get plenty of use during these cold months. Check it out!