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Agilite, as some of you may already know, is an equipment company founded and run by both US and Israeli SOF veterans. They build good kit; I’ve used a lot of it over the course of my career, and made sure other members of the Breach-Bang-Clear crew have had the chance to do the same. I recently spoke with some of the brass at Agilite and sorted out a B-B-C coupon code. Hopefully some of you will have a chance to use it.

[Note: we do like Agilite gear, and really like the Injured Personnel Carrier, which we reckon should have a place in many loadouts. Oh, and Grunts: LevantMad Duo]

For this entire month, you can order anything from the Agilite site, enter code BREACHBANGFREE and get free shipping on all of it — considering how much of their stuff will be coming to you from the vicinity of Tel Aviv.

Among their offerings are some recent additions to their helmet cover lineup, including a couple for the Ops-Core FAST Raptor (both ballistic and bump versions). Remember when you go to place your order, Ops Core recently changed up how they do their sizing; they used to offer three, but now their helmets are divided into four. Plus, the bump helmets wear different than the ballistic ones, and the early 2017 Ops Core LE helmet is thicker than the previously issued government jobs. If you want to make sure you’ve got the right size, read this overview here.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear