The same fit as our classic Simple Pants, now in a thicker ToughDry fabric for added warmth. Tough, simple, and perfect for cold weather rucking.


I used to wear blue jeans all the time. They’re great, they’re rugged, you can wear them anywhere worth going. The problem is, they don’t stretch and they don’t dry, and for whatever reason when it rains and when I sweat my jeans get wet and they stay wet, call me crazy. So I upgraded to GORUCK Simple Pants, our original version that weighs nothing, as in zero, rounded up. They stretch, they dry lightning fast, I love them and wear them every day in Florida.


Then Em and I fell for the trap to go to Iceland where some Viking god decided long ago no doubt it could rain even if it was zero degrees, so that’s how it is, and you freeze your ass off and I hate that. Freezing my ass off in some bone shivering cold, that is. Been there done that not a fan. But my 501’s didn’t stretch, still, and when it rained, which was always, they got wet. And then they stayed wet — not fun, no thanks.

So the Heavy Simple Pants, well, there’s a little more warmth than our originals. They also dry fast and all that fun stuff, just with a little extra weight and a little less sheen for wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing or wherever you live that might not be on the equator.

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