Tandemkross recently released their new “SuperGrips” grip tape for the Smith and Wesson Victory Pistol and for $13.99 it’s worth every penny.

Also, sneak-peak video of Tandemkross’s upcoming grip from SHOTSHOW 17.

When you’re shooting outside and especially at a match, SuperGrips are a cheap and easy way to strengthen contact between your hand and the pistol. Whether it’s a sweaty hand or wet from the rain, you’ll be glad this grip is installed. The SuperGrip comes in two parts, one covering both sides and another for the back-strap.

Grips Prior To Installation

New Grip For Your S&W .22 Victory – Trandemkross “SUPERGRIPS”

I’ve tried a lot of different grip tape brands and frequently cut my own grip tape for various competition pistols and I give Tandemkross credit for cutting them just right and producing a great granulate rubber texture. Tandemkross also makes this grip for the Glock 43 and it has the perfect texture for concealed carry, one that shouldn’t be a problem rubbing against skin throughout the day.

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