Oakley SI has always pushed the standards of eye, footwear, and accessories. The Oakley Assault Boots were some of the first non-standard issue boots allowed for wear in the Ranger Regiment. Guys were snapping pairs of these up like the guy scoring an entire meal for a bag of skittles in a Ranger School patrol base.

The Standard Issue M Frames weren’t the most stylish eyewear to come on the market, but they sure did have the best coverage, and circumstances depending, could save your eyesight or even your life. I recall one beast of a man taking an enemy round through his PVS-14s and the only thing that saved his eye and possibly further damage was the M Frame lenses. Thanks to Oakley, he’s the only guy I know to take a round in the face, engage and eliminate the enemy, then radio to call for a medic.

Whenever Oakley SI is quiet for a period of time, most know Standard Issue is about to come out with a game changer. Competition shooters the world over have been clamoring to get their hands on the new Tombstone. Mark Miller called me back on an afternoon in January after the SHOT SHOW Media Range Day and couldn’t stop talking about the Tombstone. Spitting crazy talk like, “These literally make targets pop out.” It’s hard to believe a statement like that, but sure enough, after wearing a pair myself, he was spot on. Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology really is a game changer.

Gear nerds rejoice, because recently, Oakley SI has come out with some sweet new swag to up your loadout at home or down-range. Here are some of the new products we’ve gotten our hands on or have a very high stoke factor to run through the ringer. Out of the products below, we’d love to hear what you would like to see reviewed on the Loadout Room or what makes your gearometer ping.


New From Oakley SI

As stated above, the Tombstones new PRIZM lens technology really makes obstacles pop out from their surroundings. Whether its stationary targets or movement of an animal, identifying and selecting the correct target is now much easier. The Tombstone comes as the REAP (large head size) and the SPOIL (smaller head size). I don’t consider myself to have a small head and even earned the nickname Charlie Brown in basic training with my perfectly round shaved head. The SPOIL fits me much better than the REAP.

Breach Range Bag

New From Oakley SI

A quality range bag is hard to come by. Most avid shooters I know take their range bag very seriously and have gone through five or six before they find the one that works best. The new Oakley SI Breach Range Bag has a myriad of features that will keep your gear organized and easy to find. With multiple dividers and designated pockets for a pistol case, eyewear, and ear protection, this looks to compete with the best. The Oakley SI Breach Range Bag also has a pull-out cleaning mat for weapons maintenance at the range. Look for an upcoming review.

Big Kitchen

New From Oakley SINew From Oakley SI

We’ve always been huge fans of the Kitchen Sink Pack. It just got bigger and with more specificity. This bag can and will go anywhere. Keep your work, gym, and even range gear all in the same pack. If you want one bag for any of life’s daily excursion, the Big Kitchen looks like it will easily handle your loadout and more.



Oakley SI Launches New PRIZM Maritime for Everyday Wear

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New From Oakley SI

You’ve seen it hundreds of times. That guy rocking his range eyewear out to dinner or walking down the city street. He stands out like a Baby Ruth in a pool. Don’t be that guy. The new PRIZM Water has the same great PRIZM lens technology as the Tombstones, but with a more sporting/casual look. Wear these out for a beer, casting a line off the bow, or at the range and you’ve got yourself a great combination of looks and performance.

Oakley SI has a load of other newly released products – go check them out. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews and an inside look at the Oakley Headquarters later this summer. 

(Images Courtesy of Oakley SI)

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