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Since it premiered in October of 2016, HBO’s new series Westworld set its viewers’ imaginations alight with the possibilities of blending futuristic technologies with our desire to live out our fantasies, both wholesome and dark, in a nostalgic world from the past. The mind-twisting revelations from the final few episodes of the first season were enough to make viewers glad the future isn’t now.

The series revolves around the premise that in the near future, a company and some innovative programmers create a monstrous theme park called “Westworld” set in the American frontier of the late 1800s. The park is populated by “hosts” who are synthetic people playing parts that will seem familiar to gamers who have explored titles like “Red Dead Revolver.”

How Westworld Works

Before guests enter the park, they choose their clothing and weapons in a hip and modern boutique-style setting.

When the park began, they were robots that looked like people, but by the show’s main timeline, the hosts are biological and extremely lifelike, created on 3D printer-like machines. And, of course, since the world is set in the Old West, there are plenty of firearms around and gunplay is plentiful. See, the whole purpose of the park and the hosts themselves is to entertain the “guests,” who pay exorbitant sums to be completely immersed in the fake world and pretty much do anything they want with and to the hosts, up to and including gunning them down.

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