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New Shooting Assists from Caldwell
Mad Duo

Lead Sleds and similar paraphernalia…are they worthwhile? We think so, and not just when you’re using .450/400 Nitro Express either. Here’s Team Wild TV in a video called One Shot Zero. They did it a few years back about an earlier iteration of the Caldwell Lead Sled —  and they used some big damn bullets to do it.

So, now that you understand the significance, here are a couple of new pieces of range gear available from Caldwell Shooting Supplies this summer. Might be something you should take a look at, whether you’re dialing in a new scope or taking someone with physical limitations to the range.

First up is the Lead Sled 3 Shooting Rest. Caldwell describes it thusly:

The new Lead Sled 3 shooting rest securely holds a firearm on target, and reduces felt recoil by up to 95% when compared to shooting without the rest. The innovative skeletonized front rest, with non-marring surfaces, securely holds a variety of firearms in place without damaging the firearm’s finish. The improved rear buttstock cradle features a top of the line recoil-reducing pad and a non-marring cradle to keep the firearm in place. The Lead Sled 3 also features a “no wobble” elevation ram to easily stay on target.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear