Holster maker DeSantis is expanding their Slim-Tuk holster line to accommodate a few more gun models. Currently available with 25 other model firearms to include Glock andSpringfield, DeSantis adds Sig Sauer, Colt, Kimber, Ruger and Smith & Wesson to the lineup.

Sig’s P238 and P238 Equinox; Colt’s Pony and Mustang; Kimber’s Micro Carry; Ruger’s LCP, LCP Custom, LC9 and LC380; and Smith & Wesson’s J frame and new M&P Shield .45 are the newest guns to get the Slim-Tuk treatment.

The Sim-Tuk holster, introduced in 2016, is a minimalistic style inside-the-waistband holster. The ambidextrous IWB features a 360-degree c-clip which provides versatility in wear. It also gives wearers the ability to tuck shirts around the holster and gun. Hardware can be removed and switched for either left tor right draw and the clips are made from rugged nylon.

The holster is constructed from kydex, a hardened plastic that is molded to fit a specific gun model. Kydex is a popular choice among concealed carriers and trainers. Kydex molds safely retain firearms, protect triggers and allow for a smooth, unimpeded draw.

Minimalist holsters utilize thinner kydex and less hardware to prevent printing in tighter clothes. As more women enter the industry, many manufacturers are setting their sights on giving these new customers options that fit within their wardrobe.

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