(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – With a solid reputation for delivering innovative and essential camping and survival products to the outdoor market, 12 Survivors is proud to announce another crucial camping product line, Terra-pod Sleeping Bags. With two different sizes, regular (TS48000R) and long (TS48000L), Terra-pod Sleeping Bags are designed to provide sleep comfort to people of all shapes and sizes.

New Terra-pod Sleeping Bags provide relaxation to outdoor enthusiasts

Terra-pods seal tight to keep you warm and snug in cold temperatures down to 20° F and are constructed with both a draft collar and hood draw. For warmer climates, a full double-zipper footbox allows for optional airflow to cool you down and ensure a good night’s sleep. Terra-pod Sleeping Bags also feature an interior chest pocket for convenient storage of small personal items such as phones and glasses and heavy-duty YKK zippers, trusted for durability and reliability.

Terra-pod Sleeping Bags aren’t only for sleeping; they reverse to a bright signal orange color for emergency situations. The Regular model is ideal for people up to 6 ft. tall while the Long is better suited for taller individuals. Terra-pod Sleeping Bags include hang loops for storage and airing out as well as a compression stuff sack for quick and easy storage.

New Terra-pod Sleeping Bags provide relaxation to outdoor enthusiasts

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