I want to introduce the newest writer to the Loadout Room Team, Dennis DeChant. I’ve know Denny for years and spent too much time with him in some of the worst places on Earth. Solid guy and he knows what he’s taking about! And yes, he’s a former Marine!

Here’s Denny’s intro to everyone –


I have recently been asked by Bill Janson to contribute some of my knowledge to the Loadout Room readers. I am looking forward to this opportunity to share and also get some different insight from all of you.  I am a firm believer in the doctrine of there are many ways to skin a cat. I welcome all of your insight when it comes to the articles that I write.

I’d like to tell you a little about myself so you all have an idea of my background. Like Bill, I’m also a Marine Corps Veteran. I served the majority of my time as a Marine Scout Sniper. I was discharged in late 2002 and crossed over to the private sector where up until just recently I worked for a couple of different federal agencies in support of the GWOT. Throughout my time in these professions I’ve had the great honor of serving with and next to some of the finest warriors in the history of our country.

My career over the last 15 years has revolved around defeating our enemies on the battlefields of the world. Because of that I have had a great amount of training and real world experience in the skillsets and tradecraft of gun fighting and survival techniques. I now currently have refocused my career to instructing men and women in these skillsets. I strongly believe our world is not getting any safer and I feel I have a higher calling to pass this knowledge on to the patriots of our great nation. That is what I am planning on focusing on with my articles in the Loadout Room.  I hope you all get something useful out of my contributions to this site.

Semper Fi

Dennis DeChant