Though none of his models have ever been produced, Kyle Chumchal of KC Designs is already making a name for himself as a knife designer. After only 10 months teaching himself Computer-Aided Design (CAD), the 20 year-old Texan can draft up a new knife in under two hours. Chumchal’s work has gained a healthy following on social media, and he says the next step is to make one of his digital drafts a physical reality.

Newcomer KC Designs Taps CAD to Create Digital Knives

For such a young designer, Chumchal’s portfolio is very diverse: futuristic dog tag folders, heavy duty flippers, tactical fixed blades. He is posting a new design every couple of days. “I couldn’t tell you how many I’ve drawn up. I lost count,” Chumchal says. He will also ‘reverse engineer’ the knives of well known makers for practice, going from physical knife to digital drawing. “CAD has totally changed how I look at knives. I’ve been at it ten months and I learn something new every day,” he says.

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Images courtesy of Knife News