What’s the first upgrade you should make to any stock Glock pistol? The sights. Glock does a lot of things right, but they really lack in the sights department. Their cheap plastic sights are one o the most necessary upgrades you should make. You have lots of options, and everything front electronic sights to ghost rings are out there. I’m a simple man who likes his red dots, and his night sights. I use this specific MOS model of the Glock 17 for a number of tasks, and on occasion, it’s my CCW piece. With that in mind I wanted night sights, and I wanted the brightest night sights I could find. That wasn’t my only demand, but we’ll cover those later. I ended up going with a set of night sights from an up and coming company called Night Fision.


My Specific Demands

When I started researching night sights and combat sights I came to the conclusion I wanted a rounded rear sight with a U shaped notch. For the front sight, I wanted an option for both day and night use. I also wanted standard height sights for now. I use this Glock with various carbine conversion kits and suppressor height sights are a no go with those platforms.

How Night Fision Met my Demands

Night Fision allows you to choose individual front and rear sights on their website, which made choosing the perfect set for me pretty easy to do. I chose a two-dot rear night sight set with just tritium tubes. Not white outlines on the rear, just simple tritium lamps. The front sight features a tritium sight in the middle of a bright, high visibility yellow circle. The sights are all metal, and extremely well made. Installation was simple and I only rubbed the rear sight a little raw in my adventures in home gunsmithing.


Range Time Game Time

Hitting the range was something I was quite excited for. After being used to cheap Glock sights I was ready for the upgrade. The high visibility front sight is a dream. It’s easy for the eye to pick up and the time between draw and trigger pull is cut down significantly. Once the front sight is on target I just let lead fly. Focusing on the front sight for longer range, and more precise shots are simple. The bright color make focusing easy, and the front sight is visible both indoors and outdoors.


As the sun sets I had no issues transferring from the bright front high vis circle to the bright glowing tritium sight.

The rear round sight is simple and precise. It’s nothing more than round front sight, round rear sight. This made it feel faster and more intuitive to align my front sight my rear sights. The rounded edges also prevent you from focusing on the wrong portion of the sight. Our eyes tend to naturally pick up sharp corners and the Night Fision sights eliminated that issue for me.

Night Fision offers a number of different choices on their website, so be sure to check them out for your favorite combo. These are rock solid duty sights, and rival many of the bigger names in the industry. The Glock 17 is the gun that currently sits in my Hornady Rapid Safe for when things go bump in the night. I feel fully confident in my ability to use these sights in not only the dark but in a violent situation. They give the edge I need to bump back at whatever makes the wrong decision to go bump in the night.