Nikon is continuing to develop their line of sport optics with the release of the BLACK Force1000, a 1-4x optic for shooting close- to mid-range.  Having recently checked out the BLACK X1000 4-16x precision riflescope, it has me excited to run the Force1000 through its paces.

First, let’s cover the tech specs as provided by Nikon, then we’ll get into initial impressions.

The Force1000 arrived with Nikon’s BLACK Precision Mount (msr height), a beefy one-piece 30mm scope mount designed for use on modern sporting rifles.  This mount is 6061-t6 aluminium in construction and has every appearance of a solid design that is well-executed.

Nikon BLACK Force1000 1-4x Optic | Quick Look
The rings provide major surface area

Coming back to the scope, this features the Speedforce reticle in the  second focal plane.  A 10-position illuminated horseshoe is central to this aiming device, with dots and hashes for windage and hashes for elevation.  It picks up the eye quickly at low magnification yet appears to give more than enough to work with when shooting at longer ranges or with slower calibers.  The illumination knob is on the left side of the scope body and features an “off” position in between each of the brightness settings.  Battery life is unreported, I’ll let you know where it’s at in the final review.

Photo courtesy of Nikon

The turrets are protected by caps which when removed expose your elevation and windage adjustments.  While the turrets look normal, they feel tough and have the most solid, audible adjustment clicks out of any scope I have owned or tested.  As exciting as twisting a knob can get, this gets.

Nikon BLACK Force1000 1-4x Optic | Quick Look

The magnification knob is just forward of the rear eyepiece and spins with only minor resistance, but no stiffness.  The glass resists distortion throughout the magnification range and the focus knob offers a far wider degree of adjustment than most will ever need.  Clarity within the glass appears quite nice, but I’m in some pretty optimal conditions so I won’t say too much until I get field time with this.

Nikon BLACK Force1000 1-4x Optic | Quick Look

The proof is in the puddin’ as they say, so I’ll refrain from going on too long.  My first impressions are very favorable, but as always I need to hit the range with this thing to really get a feel for it.  I’ll be heading out soon and I’ll let you know how it all went.  In the meantime, check out Nikon’s page for the BLACK Force1000 here and a sale link for the mount here.  Prices on those are $399.95 and $109.99 respectively.  Check them out!