Nikon has done it again with a quality optic at an affordable price. I suppose making your own glass helps keep cost down.  That is what Nikon has done so with their new P TACTICAL SPUR.

The SPUR has already been proven in the field and has had great success. A small, light-weight, rugged and waterproof package gives you everything you could ask for. If you have any doubts about the durability, check out this field test where 12 gauge, 3.5in magnum loads were being used and the SPUR held zero.

If that wasn’t enough, perhaps the part where the SPUR was dragged on the ground and dropped on a rock…..and held zero. It appears in this case that inexpensive does not mean cheap.

Nikon’s “TRUCOLOR” provides a clear picture while looking through the sight. Anyone who has spent time with other reflex sights is familiar with the blue tint of inferior glass.  Nikon’s engineers have dramatically reduced this issue with TRUCOLOR, what you see with the naked eye is what you see through the sight.

While other companies have tried to excuse their glass by saying the blue helps you stay in the glass, I’ve found it also to obscure the target.  Check out this video to see it against a Trijicon RMR.  The link skips to the good part.

Operating with both eyes open is made easy with a crisp, 3MOA dot with 10 intensity settings for any light situation.  3MOA is big enough to find, but not so large that it hides the target.

If you do a little research, you will quickly discover that a quality reflex sight will go for around $400. Nikon’s impressive SPUR comes with an MSRP of $219.95 and includes a picatinny rail mount.

Battery life is listed as up to 15,000 hours (lowest setting) and shuts off after 12 hours of stagnant use.  Even with that battery life the SPUR adds only 1.1oz to your firearm.

Full product details can be found on the manufacturer’s product page.