The Nomad 9  is a Glock 19 Gen4 compatible frame.  The Nomad 9 frame incorporates a forward thumb ledge, an enlarged trigger guard, an aggressive and versatile grip texture, a more accessible magazine release and slide stop lever, and an interchangeable backstrap.  Imagine a Glock 19 lower having everything you wanted to have customized, right out of the box.

SHOT Show 2018 was an amazing experience with an abundance of new and innovative products being introduced.  One of the products that caught my eye was the Nomad 9 Frame from Nomad Defense Company. A replacement Glock 19 frame that is performance ready right out of the box.

Nomad Defense Companies Nomad 9 Frame, a replacement generation 4 Glock 19 frame, was created by shooters that couldn’t find what they needed so they decided to make it, right here in the U.S.A.

What is the Nomad 9?

Nomad Defense Company’s Nomad 9: The glock You Always Wanted
Nomad Defense Company’s Nomad 9

The guys over at Nomad Defense Company loved the core engineering and design of the GLOCK handguns but found themselves wanting more by the way of ergonomics and comfort.  They decided what was needed was a new, from the ground-up, rethink on the frame instead of a manipulation of an existing frame.

With an emphasis on how the shooter interfaces with the handgun, Nomad Defense Company molded their own frame, incorporating all the changes they felt were necessary to optimize the shooters comfort and control.

What did Nomad Defense Company Do?

The Nomad 9 Frame is completely compatible with Glock 19 Generation 4 parts.  The frame has a comfortable high-traction grip texture and an intelligently re-contoured grip that fits the hand and provides the highest grip possible.  They’ve added an extended beavertail (one of my favorite aspects of the frame) and have interchangeable backstraps.

They’ve also rethought the trigger guard area and made it comfortable, higher up and more accommodating for shooters wearing gloves.

The built-up thumb ledge (on both sides of the frame) feels like it should have always been there.  The ledge allows the shooter to apply pressure with their off-hand and better control recoil and provides a feeling of “home” for the indexed trigger finger.

Finally, a flared magazine well was added. The flared opening helps to make reloading faster and it funnels the magazine into the well.  Nomad9 Product Card

What I was most impressed with was the benefits of this frame’s reduced diameter and improved ergonomics for the shooter with smaller hands.  Accommodating shooters with smaller hands that work with me as a police officers has always been a challenge.  The Nomad 9 Frame could prove to be a solution for the challenge of smaller hands and I’m excited to get one and put it through the paces.

What’s it Going to Cost and When can we Get One?

Nomad Defense Company is aiming to sell the Nomad 9 Frame for MSRP $200.00.  This will be for a stripped frame – meaning a finished frame with all the holes and rails ready to be assembled but not including pins and other hardware.  The only pin they will be including is the one for the interchangeable backstrap as it isn’t a standard Glock part.  Nomad Defense will also be including their small, medium, and large backstraps with the purchase of the Nomad 9 Frame.

Right now, Nomad Defense is continuing through the testing process and hope to have their product ready for market soon, March 20, 2018.

For more information , go to Nomad Defense Company