The Glock line of pistols are popular amongst most.  The Glock pistol is also hated by someNomad Defense holds the solution for the rest of us that have to have the Glock or like the Glock but wants some improvements; The Nomad 9.

Same General Complaints

Everyone seems to complain about a few of the same things when they have honest critical conversations about the Glock.  Usually, those complaints are centered around the frame and the way it fits or doesn’t fit the hand. It’s hard to argue with Glock reliability.

My biggest complaint is the slide bite that I get if I don’t install an aftermarket (or now on the newer Glocks OEM) extended backstrap.  The scar on my hand reminds me that my hands are too big to shoot the Glock without it.

Nomad Defense: Subtle changes, big improvements
Nomad 9 is “just right”

Stock – Good or Great but Could be Better

Stock offers a “meh” grip angle that could be a little better. The grip angle is good for most but not great for all.

Another common complaint is the ability of the shooter to get their hand deep into the gun and the gripping surface itself.  Sure there are lots of solutions to these problems from custom stippling and cutting of the frame.  You can also get great products like those from Talon Grips but wouldn’t it be great if the pistol just came that way?

Another common gripe is the lack of indexing points, lack of a funneled magazine well,  and on the models with finger grooves that they only fit some shooters.

The aftermarket is flooded with options for people to send their frames in for working over or slipping onto or how-to videos to risk it all with a hot iron and sandpaper.  Do a quick google search for “custom Glock frame work” and you’ll see that you get “about 3,170,000 results in less than a second of searching!

Those solutions are all fine and dandy but what about those of us that aren’t allowed to modify the pistol – like most working in law enforcement etc.?

Nomad Defense: Subtle changes, big improvements
Subtle changes that add up

A Reasonable Accommodation

I believe the Nomad Defense, Nomad 9, is a viable option for agencies wanting to stick with the Glock platform but also wanting to have a better pistol or wanting to accommodate smaller handed officers.

Think of it as an ADA compliant frame for the “petite” hands and more.

For the LE agency, The Nomad 9 can be a smart option. They could stick to stock Glock internal components by just switching over the guts from the OEM frame.  Take those internals and place them into the Nomad 9 and putting the slide on.

Put the OEM frame in the safe and save it for when you get rid of the pistol or issue it to someone that doesn’t need the Nomad.

For the individual purchaser, I see the Nomad 9 as an exciting opportunity to build the pistol the way they want it the first time.  It’s like buying a stripped AR15 lower and building it your way the 1st time instead of wasting time and money on a complete rifle that you tear apart and add onto as you go.

With the Nomad 9 you could truly build a one of a kind awesome pistol, starting with the intelligently designed and beautiful Nomad 9.

For the Custom Build

Start by going to Rainier Arms and purchasing the Nomad 9.  Ship the Nomad 9 to your local gun store/FFL dealer fulfilling your usual firearms purchasing requirements.

Next, fill your cart with your favorite aftermarket components to finish the build, just like your AR15 build. It’s really that easy!

Stand out features of this Nomad 9 are hard to put into words.  While I’m telling you this pistol is great for “petite” hands, I have very large hands and I love how this pistol feels and shoots with the Nomad 9 frame.

Great Gun Before, Even Better Now

I like the Glock 19 just as it is and think it’s a great gun.  I like the Glock 19 so much more with the Nomad 9 frame on it.

The flared out thumb and index points forward of the trigger guard give my fingertips a feeling of being on home base and they just belong.

Recessed trigger guard for middle finger placement intelligently drives the pistol deep into your hand while the extended backstrap or beavertail protects hands like mine from getting a painful bite.

The lackluster frame texturing that you get with a stock frame is immensely improved with the Nomad 9 texture that grabs a hold of your hand without tearing up your hand or clothing while carrying concealed.

The stippling feels like you paid an extra $200 just for someone to work their magic with a hot iron.

On the Nomad 9, a new shooter is driven towards a successful forward thumbs style grip with the hand and finger recesses and shelves that direct the senses to where they belong.

At the magazine well, you find a subtle flare that both improves reloads and keeps your hand secured to the grip.

One Handed Shooting Surprise

My biggest surprise while running the Nomad 9 was the improvement I saw with my one handed shooting.  I saw less muzzle rise and felt like my hand was glued to the frame.  The improved ergonomics on the handle remind me of some other manufacturers that have had the grip right for a while now.

Using the Nomad 9 pistol frame feels like going from the original square Nintendo controller to an ergonomically correct Xbox one controller. Or like switching from a pair of cheap poor fitting tennis shoes to a pair of custom made expensive boots.

Holsters, Will it Fit?

While I obviously couldn’t try every holster out their for fitment, I did get a chance to try several duty holsters and concealed carry kydex holsters.  My 1st observation was that if you have a light bearing holster, it seems to work flawlessly.  If you don’t have a light bearing holster, it’s a snug but workable fit.

The holsters I tried without a light had a little bit of drag from where the built up finger rests fall on the front of the frame, just ahead of the trigger guard.

The Safariland duty holster that I carry daily was a perfect fit with perfect retention as the system of retention is based off of the ejection port of the slide, not the trigger guard.

Fits well in the Safariland ALS light bearing holster

The Tactical Design Labs holster worked flawlessly with the Nomad 9 as well.

I tried the Nomad 9 in several holsters from Bravo Concealment and TRex Arms and found no concerns.

Will it fit your holster… That I can’t tell you.

Watch for more

We hope to be bringing you more about the Nomad 9 as we look to partner with companies that you would go to for a custom, 1-off build.  What would you like to see done for a custom build on this frame?  Let us know by chiming in below.

A Reasonable Accommodation

reasonable accommodation is assistance or changes to a position or workplace that will enable an employee to do his or her job despite having a disability. Under the ADA, employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees with disabilities, unless doing so would pose an undue hardship.