Recently I published a short article/video on my minimalist wire dopp kit. In that kit I did away with the traditional Apple iPhone cable and replaced it with the NOMAD Key iPhone cable. By doing so I have conserved space and reduced the clutter of a cable getting tangled on other items in my kit. I don’t necessarily need a long cable for charging my iPhone since I normally set it on the table next to my laptop or charge it off of my myCharge RazorPlus portable charger. The NOMAD Key flexes in the center which reduces stress on the connectors at both ends.

NOMAD Key | Ultra Portable iPhone Charging Cable
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I really like this product by NOMAD as it simplifies my kit in a small yet useful way. If you’re a minimalist traveler or just want to slim down your kit and simplify things, then check out the NOMAD Key today!

From the NOMAD website:

Key is an ultra portable iPhone charging cable. Keep it on your key-chain and always have a backup Lightning cable. Designed for emergencies or for the minimalist traveler.

    • Fast charge and sync
    • Flexible middle section
    • Apple MFi approved
    • MSRP $24.95