In an effort to minimize the gear I carry yet still retain the ability to operate everything I’ve selected NOMAD products. One of their products offered is the Universal Cable. I opted for the Universal Cable since it will work with both my iPhone and other devices that use a micro USB connection.

From the Nomad website:

The one cable to rule them all, Universal cable comes with integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any mobile device. The core cable is USB A to Micro USB. Attached are two tips, an MFi approved Lightning tip and a USB Type C tip enabling you to charge all iPhone, Android and other USB powered devices.

The other reason I have chosen the NOMAD Universal Cable is for the durability. The standard iPhone cables work great, but I have found that over time they begin to break down. When I’m traveling I don’t want to have to deal with finding a replacement cable for my phone as that is my primary means of communication.

Nomad Universal Cable | The Last iPhone Cable You'll Ever Need
Standard iPhone cable alongside the Nomad Universal Cable.

Durability Specs:

  • 20AWG diameter cable for faster charging
  • 4x strength Kevlar Core
  • 2x RF Shield for Fast Sync
  • 2x Durable PVC Jacket
  • ULTRA Rugged Nylon
  • Flex Tested – Engineered to meet military standards. Nomad designed a rigorous 10,000 flex test ensuring this cable will outlast other cables.
Nomad Universal Cable | The Last iPhone Cable You'll Ever Need
Image courtesy of NOMAD


  • iPhone 5 through 7/7Plus
  • iPad (4th Generation +)
  • iPad Mini (All generations)
  • iPod Touch
  • Android Type C and Micro USB phones and tablets
  • Most Micro USB Devices
  • Universal cable supports USB C, but because it is only an adapter, it does not support USB PD Power Delivery.

By using the combination of the Nomad Universal Cable and NomadPlus charger I’m able to reduce the number of cables I keep in my EDC bag as well as minimize my charging capabilities from a larger battery pack to the smaller NomadPlus. Yeah the NomadPlus does not provide as much charge time as a standard battery pack, but it meets my requirements for daily use.

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