I’ve been on the path for quite a while now trying to minimize the amount of personal possessions I purchase or own. The minimalist lifestyle is gaining traction and becoming more popular in our society. Specific to the firearms, EDC and adventure community take a look at Kyle Defoor of Defoor Proformance Shooting, John Cain at Vinjabond and our own Leo Jenkins. All three of them have been able to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ and focus on what is absolutely necessary and when it does come time to purchase something they are buying quality that will last a long time (spend once cry once). It’s a freeing experience when you start reducing the unnecessary ‘stuff’ in your life. As the NOMAD punch line says, “Own Less, Live More“.

Now I don’t necessarily consider myself a nomad or true minimalist by a long shot, but I have made some adjustments to the gear I carry everyday. I work from home and occasionally will frequent local coffee shops to work from or find a new one that I have never been to. Because of that moving around I’ve streamlined my everyday carry bag to contain only whats needed for the day and nothing more (and that gear stays in the bag!).

Today we are going to take a look at a product from a company called NOMAD. They make several iPhone accessories targeted towards those with a minimalist or nomadic lifestyle. The product I’m showing you today is the NomadPlus.

The NomadPlus is a unique compact iPhone charger and portable power source contained in a single unit.

NomadPlus iPhone Charger | Own Less, Live More

From the NOMAD website:

This is our cult classic. Meet the NomadPlus. It takes your Apple° charger and adds an 1800 mAh battery so you can charge from the wall, then charge on the go.

    • 70% iPhone 7 charge
    • Upgrades your Apple charger with a battery
    • Charge your iPhone and NomadPlus overnight at the same time

So in a nutshell you take your square Apple charger and plug it into the NomadPlus. When you plug that into a wall outlet not only is that charging the small NomadPlus battery, but it will also charge your iPhone using pass-through technology. When you are ready to leave said location just unplug everything from the wall and go. If you phone begins to run low on battery power then you can plug it into the NomadPlus charger and that will allow you charge your phone an additional 70 to 80% giving you enough time until you find another power source to plug into.

NomadPlus iPhone Charger | Own Less, Live More
Charging my phone while taking a break to enjoy the outdoors.

I like this product because I used to carry a separate external battery to use for my iPhone if it ran low. That external battery was considerably larger and weighed more. With the NomadPlus I’ve been able to reduce the space used in my bag as well as the weight, yet still have an external power source when needed to keep my comms operational.

I’ve got several other product reviews in the pipeline covering NOMAD products. Stay tuned!

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