Say you’re looking to go camping with 8 of your best friends.

I know… where is everyone going to sleep? Well your worries are over.t

North Faces 2-Meter Dome tent sports a Hermishpered shape design with steep walls to maximize space, two windows and a chimney vent to let out some of that hot moist air that no doubt gets generated when 8 human beings get to snoring together in a tight space.

On the serious

If you’ve read anything about my camping style you know that I like me a little luxery and space when on the trail. I’ve even gone so far as to figure out a way to bring in a “Safari Tent”.

To me camping is all about being prepared to go have fun, but it’s also about being prepared for longterm survival so I like to bring the house.

I’ve been backpacking with my family for over 15 years and I’ve always hefted a large tent with us so that we can all hang together in comfort.

Check the tent: North Face 2-Meter