Much has been written on how to react to an intruder in your home.  A lot of it is great stuff and I personally abide by much of the proactive approach/philosophy.  Not enough has been written about staying in place during a break in and I’m not talking about the anti-gun, rely on the police or bet on the intruder’s magnanimity crowd.  Hey, I get it.  As a card-carrying Alpha Male, no one is coming onto my territory who isn’t a member of the pack.  I also am a disciple of no one needs “My Stuff” more than me especially since I’m the one who paid for it from the work I did. That said, there is a time when staying in place is a preferred and very reasonable approach.

Before delving into the subject matter, first the required legal disclaimer.  The following is my opinion and the counsel I give my students.  I am not a lawyer.  I have one come into my classes on occasion to address specific legal issues.  Consider your personal situation and check your local laws as you develop your personal home defense plan.

Up front, my position is staying in place isn’t an option when personal confrontation is happening or desired by the intruder.  Such instances as a home invasion (defined as a break in when it’s obvious people are home and awake) or concern that an intruder is in your home and you’re separated from loved ones (like kids in their room) demand one to intercede.

The key situation where I promote not searching for a home intruder is when you are woken and KNOW that someone is in your home.  Indicators that someone is in your home are, sounds of things crashing to the ground that couldn’t have been knocked over by a pet, strange voices or lights coming on in your home when all the occupants are in your sight.  Short of a pretty aggressive haunting, one must admit an unknown number of people have entered your home.

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