You can throw a stick at a gun show without hitting a holster manufacturer. To me, this is a very good thing. I love capitalism, and I love having the option. The NSR C-4 is the first fully polymer IWB holster I’d have the opportunity to review. The NSR C-4 can be worn traditional strong side IWB, and it is cut for appendix carry. The magazine This is one of NSR Tactical’s custom options, and there are made to order. The NSR line of holsters has proved popular enough to have an 8 week lead time at the time of this writing.

The second piece of Gear I have from NSR Tactical is the Pocket Magazine carrier. This unique magazine carrier is made from polymer and designed to fill the front pocket. This allows you to carry a double stack magazine with ease while keeping it conveniently placed in the pocket.

NSR C-4 Holster Details

The NSR C-4 Holster is available for most popular pistols, including most Glock models, SIGs, and M&Ps. You have a wide variety of color options, as well as different cuts. You can have the holster cut to accommodate a red dot, standard cut, or Yeager style.

NSR C-4 and Mag Carrier Combo | First Look

Yeager meaning James Yeager, the popular and sometimes controversial firearms instructor. The Yeager cut had a full body shield on the body side but has a low-cut on the belt side. The model I have is the standard NSR C-4 IWB holster. This model is fitted for the full-sized Glock 17 or 22. The NSR C-4 Holster has two belt loops, and the loops allow adjustable cant. At the bottom of the holster is a passive retention screw to increase or decrease the friction.

The NSR C-4 holster is not a tuckable design but is also quite simple. We’ll see just how comfortable it remains over the course of the next couple weeks as it becomes my EDC holster. We’ll also see how it performs on the range.

NSR Yeager Pocket Magazine carrier

The NSR Yeager Pocket Magazine carrier, or PMC, is a really good and interesting piece of gear. There are certainly other pocket magazine carrier, but NSR’s seems to be the most accessible. It was designed with help from James Yeager and is sponsored by him. The Pocket Magazine Carrier is made of polymer and designed to fill front pockets. The polymer bends an angle to be comfortable, and to avoid printing.

NSR C-4 and Mag Carrier Combo | First Look

The Yeager Pocket Magazine Carrier is designed for double stack magazines and can carry magazines as short as Glock 26 magazines. The retention is quite loose, but this is purposeful. The magazine is easily accessible and places the magazine in the center portion of the pocket. The Yeager Pocket Magazine Carrier will also become an EDC item with a spare mag in my left pocket.

We’ll have a full review of both items coming soon, and if you want to check them out now, go to,