Sometimes an overlooked item with concealed carry is the spare magazine. Not because people don’t want to carry one, they just haven’t found a comfortable way to conceal it along with their pistol. Depending on what you carry on your waistline you may not want to add another piece of kit to your belt. Carrying a spare magazine inside the waistband can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for some. Reality is; if it’s uncomfortable then you/we are not going to carry said item; it’s as simple as that.

For me personally I already conceal a full size Glock 17 and a fixed blade knife. Trying to conceal a Glock 17 magazine has proven to be a challenge. I have tried carrying one appendix inside the waistband close to my centerline, but that was too uncomfortable no matter which way I sliced it. I’ve tried just carrying the magazine loose in my pocket, which works sometimes, but other times it printed too much for my liking.

After much trial and error I have found the most comfortable and low-vis solution to be the Pocket Magazine Carrier from NSR Tactical. This is a very simple design with a minimalistic approach. It’s as simple as inserting the Glock 17 magazine into the Pocket Mag Carrier and then sliding that into my front pocket. When inside my pocket there is very little printing. This will be dependent on how tight your pockets are. If you’re wearing skinny jeans then this will be a no-go for you, but hey if you’re wearing skinny jeans you probably don’t carry a gun and don’t like those that do….I digress.

Drawing the spare magazine from the pocket carrier is extremely easy and with practice very fast. The retention of the carrier is on the loose side to make that possible.

By offloading my spare magazine into my front pocket I now have the illusion that I’m not concealing anything and I’m able have my hands in my pockets without the Pocket Magazine Carrier taking up too much room allowing me to look more natural when out in public; hence this being a great low-vis option.

For more information on this and the many other products NSR offers visit their website and Facebook page.