The Black Spider is the moniker given to a formidable, 1000-foot-tall wall of volcanic rock and ice on the eastern face of Mount Hood above the Newton-Clark glacier. This area contains some of the most sought-after and heart-pounding alpine routes in the Pacific Northwest.

NW Alpine has designed a hoody capturing the namesake of Mount Hood’s most notorious wall. The NW Alpine Black Spider Hoody is a form-fitting base, mid, or standalone layer intended to keep you warm and comfortable as your favorite ratty old sweatshirt.

NW Alpine Black Spider Hoody: Functional in a wide variety of conditions
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Colors available: Charcoal or Tomato Red

Sizes available: S-XL

MSRP: $110

Weight: 11 oz. (Medium)

Material: The Black Spider Hoody is made from Polartec Power Dry high-efficiency material.

NW Alpine Black Spider Hoody: Functional in a wide variety of conditions
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Fit and sizing: The Black Spider Hoody has an athletic fit that moves with the body, but is not restrictive or overly tight in any region. The sleeves are cut a little longer than most base layers and give adequate coverage, especially with the sewn-in thumb-loops. The hoody is long enough to stay tucked into trousers and adds a little extra warmth to the backside. There is a single right-sided chest pocket that is used for smaller items such as sunglasses, headlamps, or a gell packet. The pocket is best utilized when the hoody is worn as a stand-alone or outer layer in warmer or active conditions.

I am 5’9″, 170 pounds, and the medium-size fits very well. The Polartec Power Dry material is very stretchy, smooth on the outside, and the tiny checkerboard lining of the material is soft and seems to aid in vapor transfer. The hood has full coverage with a balaclava-style neck that reaches to the chin when fully zipped.

For those that have used the Patagonia R1 Hoody, you’ll find the Black Spider Hoody is much thinner. If you are an individual that tends to overheat when moving, like I am, take a look at this hoody as an alternative. Plus, the price is $40 cheaper than that big-name brand.

Application: In the week that I have used the Black Spider Hoody, I have found that wearing a tech t-shirt under the hoody enables me to use the garment in a wide variety of conditions. I have worn this item for six days straight while hiking, running, and sitting around the house. When sedentary, and when the air temperature drops below the 40° F mark, I will throw on another layer and remain very comfortable.

NW Alpine Black Spider Hoody: Functional in a wide variety of conditions
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1. Warm

2. Light

3. Thin

4 Stretchy

4. Thumb loops

5. Balaclava-style hood

6. Accessory chest pocket

7. Deep zipper for temperature regulation

Cons: None apparent at this time

Bottom Line: I believe this item is well suited for high-demand aerobic activities in cool and frigid conditions. This item would be perfectly suited as a base layer on an overseas mission or while behind a long gun. Whether you’re on the way up a remote alpine wall, backpacking, or putting rounds downrange, the Black Spider Hoody will help keep you focused on the task at hand and not on your attire.