As a part of Oakley’s efforts to honor the sacrifices of those who participated in the historic D-Day invasion of Normandy, France 75 years ago this week, they are about to begin offering an extremely limited run of special edition 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell glasses that are an absolute must-have for history buffs, Oakley fanboys, or anyone with a strong sense of style and a willingness to contribute to good causes. These sunglasses aren’t only gorgeous, a portion of their proceeds will go directly to the Best Defense Foundation, as well as supporting the travel of 17 World War II veterans and one female nurse that participated in the D-Day invasion back to Normandy. All of whom have not returned since the conclusion of the war.

Buying a pair of these shades will require an account with Oakley SI, or Standard Issue, which is Oakley’s law enforcement and military arm. If you don’t already have an account, creating one is easy — they offer a number of options to verify your service immediately so you won’t be stuck sitting on your hands while all the rest of the vets snatch up every last pair of shades. The other thing you’ll need, however, is a mountain-sized bit of good luck; Oakley is only producing 300 pairs of these sunglasses–so I’d make that account right now to make sure you’re prepared when these go up for sale.

These sunglasses come with depictions of the invasion maps used to plan D-Day laser etched into the stems, as well as adorning the microfiber bag they come in. The Trident logo representing Operation Neptune (the code name for the invasion) is also present on the stems and as an addition to the traditional Prizm lens logo etched onto the lenses themselves.

The sunglasses offer the same great fit and function you’ll find in a standard pair of Oakley Fuel Cells, so if you’re the type of person that likes to wear your limited edition gear to the range, these shades won’t do you wrong. If you’re interested in the history and the cause, however, these sunglasses will make for one incredible conversation starter among your history or gear oriented friends.

Here’s what Oakley SI has to say about these limited edition 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell Glasses:

6 June 1944- The allied victory on D-Day turned the tide of WWII, a pivotal moment liberating Europe from nazi control. Code name ‘Operation Neptune,’ the Normandy landing on D-Day is still regarded as one of the most ambitious military campaigns in history, and displays of heroism and resolve. Oakley SI has taken inspiration from this monumental event to create the limited edition 75th anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell. The trident, the weapon of Neptune, is displayed on the stem along with details of the five beach landings. additionally, a custom 75th-anniversary lens etch and custom microfiber bag.

Make sure to head over to Oakley SI to make an account and buy your own set of 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell at this link.