In the precision rifle community, there are a ton of platforms that one can choose to run, whether you are a competition precision shooter, or a tactical precision shooter/sniper.  Operating as a sniper with the 75th Ranger Regiment, my platform of choice was the SR-25 MK 11 MOD 0.  It easily held a 1 MOA group when shooting M118LR ammunition, had a 20 round magazine capacity, and most importantly, it got the job done.  I always enjoy shooting gas rifles, not because of the speed you can accurately place rounds on target, but if need be or something happened in the field, anyone of my guys could pick it up and drive on because it operated just like a standard M4.  As much as I love the SR, I have to tip my hat to the OBR (optimized battle rifle) by LaRue Tactical.

I had my first brief encounter with the OBR a few years ago and couldn’t believe how much I loved it.  Reuniting with the OBR months later at a sniper competition in which I competed, I noticed quickly why I loved the rifle, and wish I had one on a few deployments.

Machined from billet 7075-T6, the receiver components are designed with more material in critical areas to alleviate known issues of weakness in 7.62 platforms and to stiffen the receiver….translating into maximum accuracy.

The OBR is an extremely smooth running, clean recoil, under 1 MOA accuracy (from what I’ve seen and shot, .4 – .5 MOA), and combat durable.  I really enjoy shooting this rifle and after seeing it out perform my SR, I had no choice but to switch platforms.

A Few Specs:

The barrels are Stainless Steel in 16.1″, 18″ & 20″ lengths. All gas blocks feature our unique Port Selector Technology (PST), a two-point adjustable gas selector that allows optimum function between suppressed, and unsuppressed operation at the flip of a switch. All barrels are threaded in 5/8 x 24, with an A2-type flash hider attached (other muzzle devices can be added at an additional cost).

Suppressor Compatibility
LaRue 7.62 rifles with Port Selector Technology (PST) have been optimized for best-performance with SureFire suppressors. We understand that there are dozens of 7.62 suppressors to choose from on the market at this time. We feel that SureFire suppressors fall somewhere in the middle-range in regards to effect of performance with gas-operated rifles. Many users have met with success operating different models of their choice. Combined with variables in ammunition, 7.62 suppressor owners have experienced a large spectrum of conditions (much greater than seen with 5.56 suppressors). This range of variables is easy to manage with a bolt-action 7.62, but with a gas-operated system it is not. While we made a concerted effort to design a gas system that will work with a wide range of suppressors, we can not guarantee proper-function with suppressor hardware other than SureFire.

The Bolts and Bolt Carriers are hand-polished hard-chrome with max-staked carrier keys. The carrier key contact areas are designed for zero gas leakage. The trigger group is the excellent Geissele SSA Combat Trigger. The SSA provides an average 4.5lb pull weight.(2.5 lbs on the first stage and 2 lb on the second stage).

MSRP: ≈$3,000 (Less for LE/MIL)