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Off Body: One Woman’s Take on Concealed Carry

Recently I have had a steady stream of new woman gun owners ask me about carrying concealed in a purse.   I am still gaining my proficiency with this system, but I felt that I should write something to offer insight into why it works for me. I’m not former military, LEO or anything special at all. I’m simply a woman that carries a loaded handgun for personal protection.

Why do I purse carry? I have never lost a purse or had one stolen. Whenever I leave my house my purse becomes an extension of me, an extension that is never left behind (or unattended). It’s been like that since I was 16, when I was probably in my prime for irresponsibility.

When I first began carrying a concealed weapon I allowed the naysayers to cloud my judgment and affect my judgement. I read article after article preaching how and why you should always carry on your person. So I tried that.

As much as I like to wear impractical shoes, I like wearing dresses and skinny jeans more. Women’s body shape and choice of fashion is generally not readily compatible with concealed carry.

For the sake of fashion, I often left my handgun at home.

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