I’m gonna say something that will make you call BS on me.  Then I’ll back it up.  I’ve killed hundreds of thousands of fish.  Maybe close to a million in salmon alone.  Lest you think I’m an octopus with 8 fly rods and a mainline of coffee, the majority of that was commercial fishing. I started over twenty years ago. In one good season, a boat might haul in over 1 million lbs of pink salmon alone.  Long before that though, my dad had me casting a little spinner rod at the family cabin.  Nestled between the trees and a creek laden with cutthroat, steelhead, salmon and rainbow trout, it was there I cut my teeth on sport fishing.  Within a few years, I had worked my way into a nice fly rod and kept plucking away, working alongside the black bears to win our dinner.

I’ve spent a decent amount of money looking for that competitive edge.  Hunting scents, magical fishing hooks and workout drinks have occasionally sold me on the notion of a easier road to travel.  Usually, I end up somewhere between underwhelmed and frustrated, so to say I’m a bit skeptical of such things would be accurate.

Enter “Here Fishy Fishy” fish attractant by Ogre manufacturing of Milwaukee, WI.  The website lets me know this has been successful on a few species of fish and is made using all natural ingredients.  I was a bit dubious until I popped the lid and took a whiff.  I don’t know what the ingredients are, but I can say it smells almost exactly like our trolling bait for coho and king salmon: salted herring.

Illness prevented me from taking this out the last two times I had planned on fishing, but as soon as I get a chance to use this product I’ll let you know exactly how well it worked for me.

Stay tuned…