We know you’re used to getting a detailed and focused product review here at Spotter Up, but we also realize that you have many options in what kind of information to get and from where.  We appreciate that you rely on Spotter Up to get you the first-hand, reliable and vetted facts.  Few venues will go beyond the product itself to give you a more engaging story on where it came from or who put their blood, sweat, and tears to make it great.  For me, like a lot of people, that plays into the purchasing decision and brand loyalty.  The thought process and drive behind the product is what often speaks to its applicability.

When it comes to weapon cleaners and lubricants, everyone who is anyone got their hands dirty at one point.  Last month we brought you the first of several Ogre products briefs.  I was introduced to Ogre recently, and it didn’t take much to become a fan.  Ogre gun cleaner is called Enviroclean FA.  It has a mild and pleasant odor, and tackles big and small jobs easily.  Sometimes it’s either one or the other.  For a cleaner to be effective, many expect it to be harsh on your hands and surfaces, but it doesn’t have to be.  I used Ogre on hard spots of an AR bolt, and with a little brush action they were sparkling.  I used it on several weapons, and it was consistently effective, easy to wipe off, and I didn’t need a large amount per project.  A little-known fact is that Enviroclean FA also helps prevent rust and removes it without harming the bluing of the gun.

John Thompson, owner of Enviroclean showed me a cutaway of a rusted M-1 Garand barrel.  The side where he used Enviroclean FA by applying it, letting it sit, and dedicating some elbow grease and scrubbing, was like a newly-issued weapon.

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