I’ve gone through many “Shower Kits” in my time. I’ve used everything from store bought multi compartment super bags to my current configuration which tends to be a regular ziplock bag.

When you travel a lot these bags become like a second home. I don’t care how manly you are at a certain point it just feels good to get cleaned up and trim those toenails every once in a while. For this reason I like to keep whatever kit I’m using fully stocked and ready to go.
Out of all of the bags I’ve used my all time favorite thing to tote my loofa and toothpaste with was a “Demo” bag. They were simple and durable and had just enough space for my kit.

I’ve since lost that bag and have been floundering with the zip locks ever since so I was stoked when I came across this one. Of course I’m going to have to take that ridiculous looking rope off of it and replace it with some 550 cord, but besides that it should do the trick for the next 10 years or so.


You can pick one up here: Hold Fast