I hear a lot from 1911 fans that it is the best pistol to own, it’s a one shot caliber for a pistol, etc., but I’ve never heard any pistol shooter/owner wishing they could get their hands on a double-barrelled pistol.  Well now you will have that opportunity.

I first came across this pistol at the 2013 SHOT show earlier this year and thought it was some type of novelty item.  It appears that I was wrong. Arsenal Firearms is the creator of the Arsenal AF2011-A1 Second Century pistol, more commonly known as the double-barrel 1911, and is set to start taking orders at the 2014 SHOT show.  They expect a lot of demand for their product although they have yet to release an “official price”, but many believe the double-barrelled 1911 will cost you a few thousand dollars.

“It has already been approved for use with Russian police forces and is also being marketed towards competition shooters, largely IPSC competitors.” Arsenal Firearms

The company has also stated that the pistol has been approved by the Russian police forces and is now targeting the competition market such as IDPA and IPSC. Arsenal also states the double-barreled 1911 as having the fastest cyclic rate of any duty pistol on the market.

I’m not really sure how the pistol will be accepted by the average gun owner here in the USA, but I’d like to know what you think…Would you own one?