If you work the road, whether as a trooper, deputy, or patrolman, I would lay odds that you already have more junk in your trunk than you need or know what to do.  While I hate to add to that list, I’m to going to suggest a piece of kit that just might save your life or the life or your fellow officers.

Everyone who carries a gun for a living should understand that it’s not just the bad guys that end up bleeding.  Far too often the good guys and the innocent citizen are found on the ground leaking.  If you are out on the road, it’s more often than not going to be you who show up first on the scene.   I won’t upset your stomach any further by recounting the recent mass casualty events, but they happen and will continue to happen.  The question is will you have the gear you need to address the problem?

The Bag

A large backpack or duffle bag is really out of the question. The bag or container we use needs to be relatively compact and easy to slip over your shoulder as you respond to the call.  Just as our forefathers had a haversack or war bag hanging on a hook ready to go, we need a single strap, shoulder bag to tote our gear.

A gear bag that I have used with great success is the Rapid Deployment Pack from a company called US Peacekeeper.  This shoulder bag has a large single strap and ample interior and exterior pockets to stow a plethora of useful gear.

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