In this day and age of the manufacturing herd putting every useless gadget and three miles of rail on a rifle that is hard to lug around a static range, let alone an actual OP….enter the minimalist and great rifle…the Blaser.  After all hunting, is hunting no matter what the game….

While I know that the future of guns is not “bolt action” rifles, my favorite bolt action gun would have to be the innovative straight pull action of the Blaser (owned by Sig Arms).

Sniper rifles should be minimalistic. They are for hunting and don’t need to have miles of rail system or every damn piece of “tacti-cool” gadget hanging off them.  When you’re hunting, it’s ideal to have a nice lightweight rifle that is highly accurate and most importantly reliable. Good optics and back up iron are a must. A gun is only as good as the optics (shooter aside) so don’t go cheap.

Blaser doesn’t entirely get this either, as, in all fairness, their “Tactical” model is a mess of heaviness and waste.

I do LOVE their R8 series (pictured). This minimalistic strictly business kind of rifle is what other sniper rifles should aspire to be when they grow up…..


  • One-piece synthetic stock in dark green
  • Shatter-proof and inherently stable even with extreme temperatures
Ergonomically optimized pistol grip
  • Anti-slip elastomer inlays on the forearm area and pistol grip
  • Safe grip in any shooting position and weather conditions
Black forearm tip
  • Stock length 14 ½” incl. 5 / 8″ rubber pad
3 / 4″ rubber pad available by request
Kickstop optionally available


One of My Personal Favorite Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: The Blaser

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 (photo: Blaser R8 Professional, credit