I’m sitting watching a woman named Amanda Meyer talk about cutting her gun into pieces because apparently she can’t be trusted with a gun. That’s the only logical conclusion I can come to as why one would cut their gun in half with the idea they can create a less violent world. Does Mrs Meyer believe she is an unsafe gun owner? If not, what risk does her 40 S&W SIG P229 handgun risk? This isn’t the only #oneless gun destruction we’ve seen this week.

According to Mrs Meyer Semi automatics aren’t used for hunting. Its statements like this that automatically let me know we are dealing with someone who knows nothing about guns. For example the Browning Auto 5, a semi automatic shotgun designed in 1898 and produced in 1902 has been used for hunting for over a hundred years.


Another gun owner named Jonah Manning posted pictures of his Beretta 380 cut in half proclaiming almost the same thing. Again this train of logic mystifies me. Is he suddenly untrustworthy and dangerous? If not why shouldn’t he be able to own a gun?

#oneless AR 15… #onemore SBR

Finally, the saddest of guns being chopped comes from a gentleman named Scott Pappalardo out of New York State. He had a gorgeous looking old school retro AR 15, he says he’s had for thirty years. Not only that, but it was a left handed variant of one of these classic guns. He then took a saw..not to the receiver, but the barrel. Yes the barrel. He didn’t take the upper off first, but left it attached. eventually he cut the receiver, but it existed as an SBR, and may still due to the regulations regarding deactivating guns. 

Now NFA enthusiasts know he didn’t destroy a gun, he simply created an unregistered and illegal short barreled rifle. A rifle with a barrel shorter than 16 inches is an SBR, and subject to federal regulation. Also SBRs are illegal in New York state, so even if you had the federal permission slip you don’t have the State’s. The video which has been played on CNN and viewed 17 million times is evidence enough of what is generally a very serious crime. #oneless AR15 became #onemore SBR.

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Scott claims to have owned the rifle for over 30 years, so I have to ask, what changed? In those 30 years he harmed no one, so why can’t he suddenly not trust himself with an AR 15? Why join the #oneless virtue signalers if after 30 years you’ve proven to be a lawful gun owner. He even registered his AR.

 After cutting the gun up he says to the camera 'now there's one less'

Facebook Scott Pappalardo 

If the ATF chooses not to be selective in their law enforcement maybe we’ll have #oneless idiot in New York.

Search the hashtag on Twitter and you’ll find plenty of spoofs, and luckily more people making fun of these virtue signaling idiots more than actually supporting them.

This entire movement is nothing more than a group of virtue signaling, attention seeking ninnies who are doing nothing of value. At least they get to go viral… I guess.