The United States of America has been defended by the .50 BMG for almost a century by our brave fighting force. What better way to open a cold beer in remembrance than with that very cartridge. Bottle Breacher, a veteran owned and operated company, has taken charge of the situation with several clever ways to breach your bottle. Owners Eli (ex-Navy SEAL) and his wife Jen have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank pitching their hand made bottle openers.

Bottle Breacher is hand made from authentic recycled once-fired .50 caliber ammunition. The case is then modified with an ingenious cut-out that allows the user to pry the top off of a cold beer. Bottle Breacher is not only the coolest way into your beer, it’s also a great conversation piece. Powder-coating the case instead of using paint is much more difficult. But when has a Navy SEAL ever taken the easy route. This durable finish will yield many years of hard work cracking open beer bottles. These items are also perfect for the man-cave, wedding gifts, work gifts, etc. And they are not exclusively a dude oriented company. Several feminine products do exist at

Open your beer with a .50 Cal Bottle Breacher
Badass beer, Bottle Breacher and the Yeti

.50 Cal Bottle Breacher Specs

  • Patented cut is ideal for repetitive use
  • Made by Veterans in the USA
  • High polished projectile
  • Authentic recycled once fired decommissioned .50 caliber ammunition
  • Ships Quick!

Now that Bottle Breacher has survived the Shark Tank and is off and running, they have expanded their offerings. .50 Cal cartridges in more colors and finishes. Plus, the ability to custom engrave the Bottle Breacher. Additionally, they offer 20mm cannon shells, a .50 Cal pen, keychains and even a Freedom Frag grenade bottle opener. I’ve been rocking my 2nd Ranger Bn Bottle Breacher for over a year and it has held up great. Some of the polished parts need a little touch-up after repeated use but hey, the Army taught me how to use Brasso too. All Breacher products are made in the USA and support a veteran owned company that also employs veterans. So visit their website and help support these fine folks at Bottle Breacher. And the next time you crack open a cold one, do it with a .50 caliber shell.

Open your beer with a .50 Cal Bottle Breacher
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