This is MacGyvered Part 2 of the practical guide to being and operating like the fictional character MacGyver, for use in the real world.

The legendary methodology of MacGyver is fictional but his methods of adapting to any situational scenario with craft is factual.” – JOHN V CAIN (From Part 1 of How to Operate Like MacGyver)

We live in a world of labels. Every object, both natural and man-made is categorized into specifically identifiable labels along with their intended purpose or function.

“A spoon is only a spoon and is only for eating.” Wrong. When in fact a “spoon” can also be used as a cutting utensil, digging tool, measuring device, defense weapon, electrical conductor, pry-bar or back scratcher.

That’s just what it can do on its own with no modifications or without it being “MacGyvered” with one or more other objects, that’s MacGyvering 101.

The concept of labels puts confined limits on the possibilities of what any given object can do and therefore the parameters of what it really is… a multi-tool. That every object despite its name or intended function, can act as a tool with multi-purposes. Mostly hidden or unobvious, but purpose possible nonetheless.

Most people see a spoon and just see an eating utensil. MacGyver doesn’t see a mere spoon. He see’s an elongated handheld piece of metal with a mouth-sized bowl on the end, most ideal for use as cutlery.

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