The legendary methodology of MacGyver is fictional but his methods of adapting to any situational scenario with craft is factual.

Operating like MacGyver in your daily life, work and travels can make you a sharper observer, situationally tactical and a more advanced version of yourself.

The final episode of MacGyver aired more than 20 years ago so not all of you may know exactly who he is, other than by the countless pop culture references and internet memes you’ve probably come across.

MacGyver is similar to 24’s Jack Bauer when it comes to tactical ingenuity but without the extreme violence or like the Mentalist’s Patrick Jane when it comes to strategically seeing things in plain sight nobody else notices. However, he’s most comparable to Burn Notice’s Michael Westen but without the baggage.

How to Operate Like MacGyver in The Real World

What they all had in common was that they had an incredible knack for getting out of the most impossible of situations, but MacGyver also used his seemingly mystical powers in everyday life tasks – not just danger.

That’s why operating like him can make anyone… better.

What made MacGyver special was his highly developed spatial visualization ability and active situational awareness. Both of which you can also hone.

Don’t try to think like MacGyver, SEE like him.

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